Record job postings in Windsor-Essex at same time as high unemployment

According to Statistics Canada, 10.4 per cent of the population in Windsor-Essex are currently unemployed.

And yet, Workforce Windsor-Essex had a record-high number of job postings in the same month.

“6,054 is the highest number of job postings we’ve had on record in the last two years,” says Justin Falconer, CEO of Workforce Windsor-Essex.

Falconer says the jobs were across various sectors but they had 323 in food services alone, with another 814 in the retail industry.

Falconer believes many factors are at play when it comes to why unemployment is high and jobs are available.

The ongoing idling of Windsor Assembly [plant] could explain the boost according to Falconer.

“Its a three month moving average, so big changes, good or bad, take three months for it to fully materialize in these numbers.”

And he says, some people could still be out of the labour force because they continue to collect emergency benefits from the federal government.

“These benefits are time-limited and the eligibility keeps getting tighter and tighter,” said Falconer “Its better to make the transition on your own terms rather than your benefits run out and being left to sort of, as a last resort, to take that job that you really didn’t want.”

Falconer adds, there are 10 local, government-funded employment agencies to help people re-enter the labour force. 

Here’s a link to Workforce Windsor-Essex’s website which includes a job map, resume help and interview tips.