Recruiting plasma donors could pay off for students in Sudbury

For the first time, Canadian Blood Services is offering a bursary program that allows students who recruit plasma donors the chance to receive as much as $3,000.

To be eligible, students must recruit a minimum of 20 unique plasma donors and have them book an appointment before Aug. 31.

“Because of COVID and what’s been going on in the environment, it’s been tough to really get people to come out," said Teri-mai Armstrong, of Canadian Blood Services in Sudbury.

"What I am really proud of is the donors that we have come out from Sudbury are committed (and) are dedicated. They are coming from surrounding areas of Sudbury. They’re coming once a week, they’re coming once a month, so we do have a great donor base. But right now, the need is constant."

Armstrong said the local plasma centre needs 125 new donors every month and there are currently more than 1,800 appointments available in the month of May.

To apply for the bursary, click here.