Red Cross warns of heat exhaustion as Regina nears record-setting temperatures

The Red Cross is reminding people to watch out for signs of heat exhaustion as the heat dome bears down on Regina and southern Saskatchewan.

Lesley-Anne Morley, manager of injury prevention with the Canadian Red Cross, says signs of heat exhaustion include excessive sweating, fatigue and dizziness.

Morley says if a person progresses into heatstroke they may stop sweating, there could be a change in their behaviour and they could pass out.

According to the Red Cross, if someone is experiencing heat exhaustion or heat stroke someone should get them out of the heat, cool them down with lukewarm water as ice water could put them into shock and call 911 if they pass out or experience seizures.

Morley says to prevent heat-related illness, people should stay hydrated, wear a hat and sunscreen, plan indoor activities and stay in a shaded area when outside.

According to Environment Canada, the highest temperature Regina has hit on July 2 was 33.9 C in 1886. The current forecast predicts Regina will hit 35 C Friday afternoon.