Regina beats out Saskatoon in COVID-19 vaccine challenge


While the race was close, Regina's mayor Sandra Masters is the winner of the #StickItToCovid mayoral challenge between Regina and Saskatoon.

The challenge was to see which city could administer the most first doses of COVID1-9 vaccines per 1,000 people between June 17-30, according to a release from Clark's office.

Since June 18, a total of 5,685 first doses were administered in the Bridge City, while 4,747 were administered in the Queen City.

It was a close race as Masters and the City of Regina administered 20.1 first doses per 1,000 people while Saskatoon had 19.7.

Since June 18, a total of 5,685 first doses were administered in Saskatoon while 4,747 were administered in Regina.As a result, Clark will have to lip sync a song of Masters' choice.

“I am anxiously looking forward to seeing Mayor Clark lip syncing and grooving to the Last Saskatchewan Pirate—by Captain Tractor. I will be sure to watch it from down “on Regina’s mighty shores," Masters said in the news release. 

In response, Clark says it means Regina residents "really wanted to see me groove" and is happy to lip sync for the sake of "pumping up" vaccine numbers.

Regardless of the results, Clark is still warning residents that they're "not out of the woods yet" and that its important people continue to keep getting their first and second doses.

“We have the summer to get ourselves on track and put all the pieces in place for a healthy fall," Clark said in the release.

Clark is issuing a second challenge to Regina and Masters to see who could get the most doses, first or second, for the month of July.