The City of Regina is looking for resident input on plans to revamp Saskatchewan Drive, and it's opened a survey online for residents to fill out.

The city needs to replace aging underground infrastructure from McTavish Street to Winnipeg Street and wants to use the construction as an opportunity to change some things along Sask Drive.

"We’re looking at the whole entire corridor which includes the underground services as well as the surface works and it actually will also effect the private lands. At this point we don't really have a plan in place. We're using the feedback to develop options," City of Regina Infrastructure and Engineering Manager Shanie Lugner said.

Businesses like Pile O' Bones Brewing Company, which is located along Sask. Drive, say widening the sidewalks would be beneficial for pedestrian safety.

"There’s only a sidewalk on one side. And it is a rather small sidewalk and there is light poles sticking right up from the centre of them," Pile O' Bones Brewing Company Taproom Manager Kate Byblow said. “We would love to see Sask. Drive become a much safer corridor for drivers and pedestrians alike."

Wider sidewalks is something Regina Auto Body would support, but for the business, the proposed changes also come with some concerns.

"I’m just curious to see which way they want to go with it because it will impact our property for sure. So we don't want that. We'd like it more to the other side just because there is more space over there," Regina Auto Body Owner Mike Mario said.

In the Regina downtown neighbourhood plan, the city calls Sask. Drive a “grand avenue,” which is an area where a significant number of people enter and exit the downtown. The plan suggests grand avenues should have widened sidewalk areas, with new buildings built in a way to allow a wider space for pedestrians. Buildings should also be a little “grander” than most, meaning they will have careful attention focused on quality and details.

The survey asks takers to rank the importance of aspects like traffic flow and pedestrian safety, but also more esthetic features like how tall should the buildings along the road should be.

Anyone wanting to provide feedback to the City of Regina can fill out the survey online up until January 18.