Regina introduces licence for Airbnbs, short-term accommodations

The Airbnb website is seen in this file photo. (AFP PHOTO/John MACDOUGALL)

Regina Airbnb operators are required to obtain a licence if they wish to offer temporary short-term stays for visitors.

The new license was approved by Regina City council in September 2020 and came into effect on May 1.

The fee is $100 if the accommodation is the operator’s primary residence. If it is not their primary residence, the fee is $300.

A licence number is required on all listings, and if the owner does not get a licence, platforms like Airbnb are required to remove them from their site.

There is a fine of $1,000 if owners fail to licence. Their licences could also be removed or suspended if an investigation finds infractions.

Short-term rentals may be inspected at any time if the City requests one.

Licence applications can be made on the City of Regina’s website.