According to CTV Regina Senior Weather Specialist Warren Dean, Regina saw a high of 19.9 degrees Celsius on Monday.

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is forecasting highs of 19 on Tuesday, 18 on Wednesday and 17 on Thursday.

Dean says average temperatures for early November are around 5 to 7 degrees Celsius.

“Compared to the rest of October and what we dealt with then, because October was below seasonal overall, we did struggle temperature-wise overall, and now we’re getting a nice little break,” Dean said.

Regina residents are taking advantage of the above average temperatures.

Fred Weintz was in good company riding his electric bike around Wascana Lake in shorts and a t-shirt.

“We would bike ride from April right until October basically,” Weintz said. “It will be the last time of the season, I guess until next April.”

Bert Seidel, Sales Manager with Western Cycle, rides his bike all year round.

“You can go out there with the right gear even at minus 40 and have tonnes of fun,” Seidel said.

With fewer indoor events this winter, Seidel says winter cycling is a great way to stay active, but recommends studded tires, good bike maintenance and proper attire to stay safe. 

If you’re really invested, Seidel says fat bikes are best.  

“They look like they would move slow but they don’t,” Seidel said. “They are tonnes of fun in the snow, there are usually groomed trails in the park that are groomed by volunteers.”

Dean said this warm weather is not record breaking and it won’t be long before temperatures dip down below freezing again.

“It’s just that transition so you can see those big spikes or those downward spikes which we are going to see this weekend,” Dean said.