Regina tent community becomes 'Camp Hope' after ceremony to honour former namesake

Regina tent community becomes ‘Camp Hope’ after ceremony to honour former namesake

An outdoor camp for those experiencing homelessness in Regina held a ceremony in honour of its namesake on Sunday.

Camp Hope -- previously refered to as Camp Marjorie -- gathered to release the spirit of Marjorie, a woman in need of housing supports who died in a Regina park one month ago.

A pipe ceremony was held on Sunday to release Marjorie's spirit, the group wrote on Facebook.

“Yesterday marked one month since Marjorie left us,” Shylo Stevenson, camp organizer, said.

“We’ve been using her name and keeping her spirit here and today we’re going to have a ceremony to let her spirit carry on.”

The City of Regina has agreed to allow Camp Hope to continue operations until an indoor alternative is secured. As of Sunday, more than 200 Regina residents are relying on the tent community for housing.