Region of Waterloo considering new roundabout near Elmira

Waterloo Regional council is considering a new roundabout west of Elmira, but not everyone in the community is on board.

The proposed roundabout would be located at Line 86 and Floradale Road in Woolwich Township.

"It will keep the traffic sort of constant, it will continue to flow and it will be safe," said regional councillor and Mayor of Woolwich Township Sandy Shantz. "The accidents that happen are higher speed and so they can be more fatal."

It's not the first time a roundabout has been considered for the location. One was first proposed in 2013 after a traffic review suggested it would reduce the number of deadly crashes at the intersection.

"Initially there were concerns that the amount of traffic wasn't high enough for a roundabout," Shantz said.

Traffic lights were eventually installed instead, with Shantz calling them a temporary safety measure.

The roundabout is now being considered again following a staff report on the region's transportation plan.

Nearby business owner Marlin Stoltz says the traffic lights are all that's needed.

"Why change something if it's not broken," Stoltz, owner of Stoltz Sales and Service, said. "I think right now we should be postponing it and leaving the traffic lights like they are."

Stoltz said he thinks a roundabout would slow down traffic too much.

"With the oversized equipment, it will make it tougher to maneuver. With the hundreds and hundreds of trucks that go through this intersection every day, it's going to be a challenge for them as well," he said.

The region is asking the public to weigh in on the proposal by filling out an online survey.

If approved, construction on the roundabout would begin in 2023.