Regional approach to limiting organic waste in landfills backed by EWSWA

It’s estimated that organics make up 40 per cent of waste at Brady Road Landfill. (File image)

In order to reduce organic waste being sent to a landfill, a regional approach involving Windsor and Essex County has been recommended by the Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority (EWSWA).

During Tecumseh’s council meeting Tuesday night, representatives from EWSWA gave an update on the options it has investigated to meet the provincial deadline of reducing the amount of food and other organic waste by 2025.

Ontario’s Organics Provincial Policy Statement sets targets for many municipalities to reduce waste headed to landfills. Tecumseh’s target, mandated by the province, is 50 per cent.

The town says a provincial regulation is also being drafted that is expected to ban the disposal of organic waste in landfills as early as 2030.

A regional food and organic waste management plan was approved by the EWSWA board last year, with a consultant hired to study the alternatives and worked with a committee to come up with ideas.

The town says a composting operation and an anaerobic digestion plant were the two options considered most feasible, with the more expensive anaerobic digestion process meeting more of the environmental requirements.

The County of Essex plans to decide whether to pursue the recommended regional approach by Dec. 31, 2021.