The Region of Waterloo administrative building is pictured on Friday, June 5, 2015. (Brian Dunseith / CTV Kitchener)

Waterloo regional council met on Wednesday night to look the future of its composition.

Council met virtually to discuss how many councillors there should be and who should make up council.

They were asking for public input on composition. Only one delegate spoke, making it a short session.

Currently, council has 16 members. That includes one chair, seven mayors, four Kitchener councillors, two Cambridge councillors and two Waterloo councillors.

The region said the preferred option is to stick with to the status quo. However, a recent public survey showed a desire for fewer councillors and better representation for rural communities.

The delegate speaking at Wednesday's meeting said it's important to maintain a balance between township and city representation.

The region said a decision on its compensation will be made on Nov. 25.