Dashcam video showed a vehicle rollover Wednesday afternoon after it was t-boned at a north Edmonton intersection.

No injuries were reported, but it’s not the first such incident 109 Street and Castle Downs Road has seen.

“It’s a horrible intersection,” Melissa Lyons said. “I would say you probably get on average one accident a month.”

Lyons has worked on the corner for eight years. She says even pedestrians crossing need to watch out.

“I’ve had to take my nephew in his stroller and whip him behind me once before a car took him out.”

“Within the last few years, yeah that street is getting busier,” said Liz Bentley.

Bentley has worked at the Castle Downs Drug Centre for 30 years. She says she has seen a lot of action as well.

“There’s always something you know, maybe the police aren’t always called, but there’s always out there,” she said. “You know a lot of times you will see the fire trucks and everything when it’s a bad one, but there always seem to be fender-benders out there.”

Stats from the City of Edmonton show this intersection saw 38 collisions between 2015 and 2019, eight of which resulted in injury.

In a written statement to CTV News Edmonton, the city saying in part:

“We continue to monitor our collision numbers to inform our priorities for traffic safety improvements.”

Regardless of the city's priorities Bentley has her own.

“They need an improvement at that intersection definitely. 

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Jay Rosove.