Residents of El Mirador given eviction notices, building to be demolished

Residents of the historic El Mirador building were heartbroken when they learned they were being evicted, as the building is set to be demolished.

“I’m angry and distraught, because this is my home,” said Stephanie Bondio, an El Mirador resident.

The El Mirador was built in 1935 and sits just north of Jasper Avenue in downtown Edmonton.

It is well-known for its distinctive, Spanish style, reminiscent of southern California, with its red roof and spiral staircases.

“I came from New Orleans and settled here in Edmonton and I saw this building and immediately just gravitated towards it,” said Bondio. ”This architecture, it’s not replicated very often in a lot of cities and when you do, you know it’s something special.

“It’s clear that it was made with a lot of care and consideration for the architectural style.”

Bondio received the eviction notice on March 29. The El Mirador is being demolished to make way for two residential towers as part of the Jasper Avenue redesign project.

“I think the thing I’ll miss the most is making connections with people I may never have met before,” said Daniel Snow, another resident.

Residents said one of the biggest thing they will miss about the El Mirador is the sense of community the building fostered.

“I can always count on one of my neighbours welcoming me home and that felt very good because you don’t get that anywhere else,” said Bondio. “Everything about coming home always just felt good, until it didn’t.”

Bondio and Snow, who are in a relationship, said the El Mirador will always be an important place for them. They shared their first kiss under a tree at the complex, which is the tallest tree in downtown Edmonton, according to Bondio.

“We all loved each other and we all cared for each other and we created a magical spot you couldn’t really find (anywhere else),” said Bondio.

Tenants at El Mirador had 90 days to move out of the building after receiving their eviction notices, according to Bondio.

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s Touria Izri