A restored and polished 1926 Kenworth truck is one of the attractions at the World of Wheels show, taking place this weekend at BMO Centre in Calgary.

Gord Cooper’s 1926 Kenworth truck is fully restored and polished to perfection where it sits in the BMO Centre at the World of Wheels show.

It’s surrounded by hot rods that sport big engines and a lot of chrome.

But despite the flash and panache of the hot rods,  a lot of people are stopping to look at the Prohibition- era truck While it was being restored to perfection, Cooper researched the history of it, discovering a bit of an outlaw backstory: it was owned by J.G. Fox and Company and delivered beer in Seattle,  Washington.

“J.G. Fox and Company actually had a permit from the government, so he would have been running beer to the different outlets legally, but not everyone is legal when they’re trying to steal the stuff,” said Cooper.

To that end he’s added a few extras to his display.  One Halloween skeleton sits in the drivers seat, while another guards a payload of beer on the bed of the truck.

While Cooper’s having fun presenting his truck to the crowds at the auto show, he has spent a lot of time researching the vehicle and has even obtained the original build sheet when the truck rolled off the assembly line at the Kenworth plant March 23rd, 1926.

He first discovered the truck near Olympia Washington where it lived out its days hauling fire wood to a cabin in the mountains. 

Cooper knew right away that it was a rare find and a special truck.

“I found out that the numbers matched, in other words the engine is the original one to the truck,” said Cooper.

 Cooper has owned the truck for 24 years but its restoration wasn't completed until  December 2019.

Eight years ago, Wendy Fleming married Cooper and knew of his passion for trucks, especially the Kenworth brand.  Over the years she’s enjoyed her husband’s hobby and accompanying him to car shows.  Fleming isn’t sure what future projects Cooper has in mind.

“Truly he doesn’t have anything on the list but I can’t imagine that there won’t be something coming down the way,” said Fleming.  “It doesn’t stop.”

Cooper is coy when asked about the value of his truck but says if someone made him an offer, it would have to be higher than $50,000, much higher.

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