Flood prevention measures are seen along the Thames River in London, Ont. on Monday, June 24, 2013.

The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority continues to monitor areas where there is a risk for flooding this weekend.

The authority has listed areas in London which have historically flooded.

It says updated rain forecasts range from 50 to 75 millimetres, with most forecasts predicting approximately 70 mm by early Sunday.

UTRCA says streams and rivers will be out of bank in some areas, and inundating low lying flood plains.

“If higher rainfall forecasts materialize, flooding will increase, but water levels should remain below those experienced in February 2018,” a statement says.

Peak flows are likely to develop Sunday morning in Mitchell, Stratford, Tavistock and Ingersoll and during the day in London, it says.

“River flows will remain higher than normal for several days into next week, increasing the safety risk around rivers and streams throughout the watershed.”

Areas which have historically flooded in London include:

  • Windermere Road and Adelaide Street Pumping station and
  • London Hydro substation at west end of Kilally Road
  • Parking lot adjacent to McNay Drain in North Thames floodplain behind apartment
  • Parking lot behind Richmond apartments (across from Bernard Avenue)
  • Gibbons Park (end of Victoria Street)
  • Harris Park
  • Waubuno Creek – Travelled Road, River Road
  • Pottersburg Creek at Oxford Street (Veterans Memorial Parkway)
  • Wellington Road and Front Street
  • Coves trailer park
  • Dingman Creek – various locations along Dingman Drive
  • Western University: Elgin Hall and Talbot parking lots, Tennis Centre.

The Kettle Creek Conservation Authority has also upgraded to a flood watch for low lying areas and the Lake Erie shoreline within its jurisdiction.