RM of Corman Park issues fire ban due to 'tinder dry' conditions

The RM of Corman Park has issued a fire ban due to little precipitation coupled with warm temperatures.

“Right now, conditions are tinder dry and are sparking fire bans across the province," City of Warman Fire Chief Russ Austin said.

“It’s going to last until we some significant moisture. In these kinds of conditions, we’ve seen fires started from a cigarette butt to a spark coming off a train.”

The ban includes fire pits, burning barrels, controlled burns and fireworks. The only exceptions are internal household fireplaces and gas-fueled equipment such as a propane barbecue or propane fire pit.

But that moisture might not be coming soon.

“Still expecting some precipitation, but just as we have had very little, I think that trend will continue,” said Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Natalie Hasell.

Commercial grain Farmer Cory Leeson said in a typical growing season, there would be 12 inches of moisture throughout the year. He estimates the ground is only holding two right now.

“A lot of years going into spring, we have some amount of subsoil moisture that will carry the crop through a dryer spell. This year we’re going to need rain and timely rain and timely rain to grow a reasonable crop.

“It’s a concern, but it’s not a crisis yet."