Road hockey on ice skates? 12-year-old Edmonton boy pulls it off Tuesday night

A young hockey player didn't get his fill of ice time at practice on Tuesday night, so he laced up his skates and kept playing on the road when he arrived at home.

Hudson Morin, 12, had his dad record video of him skating on the icy streets of Mill Woods.

"On the way back from my hockey practice I kind of just felt like the road was icy enough to skate on, so I wanted to test it out," Morin told CTV News Edmonton with a big smile.

"I started stickhandling on it first."

A big snow blast followed by on and off freezing rain made Alberta streets icy in November.

Morin said he was able to play for more than an hour without wrecking his skates.

"It was softer than a neighbourhood rink, definitely. There was only a couple spots where I almost touched the ground," he said.

By Wednesday the road had turned to slush as daytime temperatures reached 7 C.