Two new mother's rooms are now available for new moms staying at Edmonton's Ronald McDonald House.

The rooms will provide spaces for moms that are separate from the rest of the family suite.  They can use it to nurse, use their breast pump or just to relax.

"With a new baby comes many challenges and fears and when that baby is born premature and requires extra attention and care it can be a very difficult time for mothers," the non-profit organization said in a written release.

Retailer BuyBuy Baby refurbished the rooms, led by Marilyn Clouson, who stayed at the house with her son in 1986.

"When you're away, you get pulled out of your home, you get pulled into a situation that is foreign to you," she said. "You don't know about the hospital, you don't know what it's going to entail and you need that comfort, you need a place to call home."

Clouson said when she used to come to the hospital, she could let her thoughts go and relax in the rooms.

According to Ronald McDonald House Edmonton, having a child or children in the neo-natal intensive care unit in one of the top three reasons people need a place to stay.

The first Ronald McDonald Houses in Alberta were built in 1985. The Edmonton House has 35 family suites.