Royal letter: LaSalle, Ont. woman recognized for honouring Royal Family

Victoria Moffat shows her letter from the Royal family in LaSalle, Ont. on Friday, July 30, 2021. (Angelo Aversa / CTV News)

It’s not every day you’re treated like royalty.

But one LaSalle woman sure felt that way, after receiving a letter from the royal family.

“I’m a royal watcher from square one,” says Victoria Moffat, who’s had deep admiration for the royal family for as long as she can remember.

Now living in a condo in LaSalle, Moffat wanted to spruce up the landscaping around the building.

She did so by honour Prince Phillip, naming a fir tree in his memory.

“It was just a good community project. I think there was 12 of us that planted it.”

The tree was planted in April and Moffat wrote a letter to Buckingham Palace not long after.

About a month later, a reply came from Windsor Castle, which read:

“The queen was moved to hear that your group planted a dwart Alberta pine on the 10th of April 2021 in memory of his highness and to see the picture you enclosed of the fir tree.”

“To address a little community here in LaSalle it meant a lot to me personally,” says Moffat.

She was so moved by the letter, she planted another tree, a forsythia, in honour of the Queen.

“She’s still a wonderful woman in my eyes and someone that should be honoured.”