Russian police surround a cage in this file photo from April 6, 2015. (AP / Ivan Sekretarev)

Warning: This story contains details that may be disturbing to some.

TORONTO -- Russian authorities have charged a 51-year-old man for allegedly killing, dismembering and eating the body parts of three men, along with cats, dogs and other small animals in the northern city of Arkhangelsk.

Russia’s Investigative Committee (SK), a federal investigative body, released a statement Tuesday saying that between March 2016 and March 2017 “the accused, in order to use human soft tissue for eating (cannibalism) killed three acquaintances,” after plying them with alcohol and stabbing them.

The statement also says the man dismembered the victims and partially ate their bodies “in food.” The corpses were then put in bags and dumped into local waterways around the city.

“In addition to cannibalism, the accused regularly killed and ate cats, dogs and other small animals and birds, whose bone remains [sic] were found in bags along with human ones,” the translated statement says.

The SK indicated in their statement that the case took a long time to investigate because victim identification was difficult, due to the “fragmented” state of the victims’ remains. The SK said the victims had to be identified using forensic tests.

The SK says the accused moved into the apartment of one of his victims, telling the man’s family he had left the city to look for work.

He “confidently” told the same story to authorities later when they were seeking the missing man.