Four years after completion, new interchange already requires concrete repairs

A four-year-old road project that cost the province a quarter billion dollars is already in need of repairs.

As drivers approach the interchange on the North Perimeter and Highway 59, there are signs warning of a bumpy ride ahead. There are also orange diamond markers alerting drivers to where they can expect a bit of a bump or dip at each of the structure’s bridge entrances and exits.

Some area residents have raised concerns on social media, along with North Kildonan City Councillor Jeff Browaty.

“It just makes you question as to whether it was built properly,” said Browaty.

He wants to know why the interchange, that opened in 2018 and cost the province $250 million, may already be in need of repair.

“This is a major piece of infrastructure that was recently completed,” said Browaty. “Concerns are, at different points on the bridge there are huge ruts, there’s huge bumps, some people have compared it to a roller coaster.”

In a statement to CTV News, the province said the work being done is under warranty, at no cost to taxpayers, and that the structure is safe.

“Work includes concrete repairs, drainage corrections and erosion control. In addition, the foundation material on the approaches has settled (compressed) and is being repaired under warranty.”

Browaty questions if this could have been prevented.

“It’s lessons learned,” He said. “Could something have been done differently?”

In 2018, the province estimated 70,000 vehicles a day pass through the intersection.