London police are encouraging the community to follow their social media channels for safety tips on the return to school later this month.

Chris Carne of the London Police Service (LPS) Community Services Unit. said in a statement “With all of the excitement going on, safety remains paramount and we want kids to be equipped with the knowledge of how to get to and from school safely. Also, drivers need to slow down, be alert and exercise caution, especially in neigbourhoods and school zones. We are all in this together, so let’s work together to keep kids safe on our roads and sidewalks.”

'Back-to-school' dates are quickly approaching, and we know things look very different this year! In preparation, we'll be sharing safety tips to help ensure children and teens returning to school or learning from home are prepared. #LdnOnt #Backtoschool

— London Police Service ON (@lpsmediaoffice) September 3, 2020