Santa Claus visits with some children at a sensory safe event in Saskatoon geared towards kids with autism. (Chad Leroux/CTV News)

Santa Claus came on his sleigh to midtown plaza on Sunday to take pictures and meet with children with autism.

The holidays can be a busy time of year, and for kids with autism it can all be a little too much, which is why John Hancock brought his children to the quieter event on Sunday.

“My older son has autism, and he doesn’t really do well with really loud noises or a really rushed schedule,” Hancock said. “We came here because it’s a slower pace, everything is quiet.”

The usual crowds gathering around Santa turned to little groups of five to 10 people at a time, with little holiday hustle and bustle, and more Christmas spirit.

“You know, Mrs. Claus and I talk about autistic children and children with special needs” Santa Claus said, happy to be a part of this event, even if it meant riding his sleigh in some more Saskatchewan snowy weather.

Autism services, which paired with the Midtown Plaza to put on the event, were happy with how accommodating Mr. Claus was making the experience.

“Santa is being Santa,” said Alex Scott, the director of family programing at Autism Services . “He’s having conversations with them, making them feel welcome, and allowing them to just take their time and approach him. Santa’s the man.”

Santa can be found at the Midtown Commons throughout the holiday season, but only if he isn’t getting ready for the big day.