Sask. family drives to Montreal for concert only to have it postponed

A Saskatchewan family is expressing their disappointment after they drove to Montreal for a concert, only to be notified of its postponement at the last minute.

After months of planning, the Brandon Therens and his family made their way to Montreal from Coronach, Sask. for a Lil Tjay concert scheduled for October 6. When they arrived they were notified that the concert had been pushed back to January 26.

“We live about 3,000 kilometers away so it’s a bit of a drive. We had the tickets since March and have been planning it for awhile,” Brandon Therens said.

The family originally panned to go to the concert scheduled for the same performer in Edmonton, but the event was later cancelled. The Therens then decided to purchase tickets for the concert in Montreal and make a road trip out of it.

“We noticed the Montreal show was still on and so we thought it might a good road trip for me and my boys and it gave us a reason to come out to eastern Canada,” said Therens.

For the next several months, the family arranged homework with teachers and booked hotels for their trip.

After a few days on the road, the family arrived in Montreal. They found out the concert had been postponed two hours before the event was supposed to start, when they attempted to load their electronic ticket.

“I didn’t even receive an email. I just think some kind of explanation as to why it was inconsiderately cancelled the day of the concert would have been nice but I have yet to hear from anyone,” said Therens.

“Canada is a big country. They should consider that there will be people travelling from different parts of Canada in order to attend such events.”

In an email to CTV News, Ticketmaster said that fans are informed of any cancellations and rescheduled events as soon as they are told by organizers of the event. While the tickets are still valid for the concert happening in three months, the Therens do not think they will be attending.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. I expect the same thing to happen again because they cancelled the Edmonton show and recently cancelled the Saskatoon show. All the shows in western Canada were cancelled and now this one,” said Therens.

While the Therens’ trip did not go as planned, the family said they enjoyed seeing a part of the country they never have before together.