Most IIHF World Junior Championship hockey fans are watching the tournament from the comfort of their homes this season.

Not Melinda Good Will, the Team Canada fan who watched the quarterfinal matchup between Canada and the Czech Republic from her family's tipi, on the Standing Buffalo Dakota First Nation in Saskatchewan.

“It was very exciting,” Good Will said. “She hooked up her apple TV into the tipi and started the fire so by the time I made cookies and got up there it was great, we watched the game in the tipi!”

Good Will said it's the first time they've set up a television in their tipi.

”We have a little camp stove in there,” Good Will said.

The Team Canada fan said she thinks it's the coziest place she's ever watched a game, but admitted it got pretty hot in the tipi after a while.

Good Will has watched the tournament for years and has a good feeling about this season.

“I think they're going to win.”