Sask. NDP leader assists in saving overdose victim

Funding for safe consumptions sites was discussed again in Question Period Wednesday, not long after Sask. NDP Leader Ryan Meili saved the life of an overdose victim.

Ryan Meili was leaving a Regina restaurant the other night when he noticed a problem across the street.

“I saw two people trying to hold somebody up and calling the man’s first name,” Meili explained.

The incident in question was happening in a bus shelter, so Meili walked across the street to assess the man’s condition.

“(I) took his pulse, checked his breathing and he wasn’t breathing and his pulse was getting weaker,” he said. “So while we were talking to 911 on the phone, I started chest compressions and did that for three or four minutes until the fire services arrived. They came in, administered Naloxone, oxygen, gave what was needed to get this man revived.”

The incident took place just down the street from Regina’s safe injection site at the Nēwo Yōtina Friendship Centre on the 1600 Block of 11th Avenue.

However, according to the last report, the centre doesn’t have funding for evening hours.

“What leads to somebody being in that situation where they are nearly dying on the street? How does that happen?” Meili asked.

“And I think about the level of poverty that people are experiencing, the drugs that are circulating, and the lack of safety measures to keep people from an overdose situation and how much we need to do.”

Premier Scott Moe commended everyone that was on the scene for their actions in saving the man who had overdosed.

“Really that story in particular and thankful for the leader of the opposition for his role in essentially saving an individual’s life. Thankful that the folks that did show up had access to a naloxone kit,” Moe said.

“But it really speaks to the importance of bringing the harm reduction services that we have to the people and to where they may be.”

Emergency personnel were able revive the man and took him to hospital for further observation.