Sask. Party MLA resigns from government caucus after 'misrepresenting her vaccination status'

Long-time MLA Nadine Wilson has resigned from the Sask. Party caucus after “misrepresenting her vaccination status.”

According to a release from the Sask. Party Caucus, Premier Scott Moe accepted Wilson’s resignation Thursday morning.

Moe held a press conference in Saskatoon Thursday afternoon alongside Sask. Party caucus chair David Buckingham.

Buckingham said he had asked MLAs for verbal declaration of vaccination status in the spring and recently asked for proof of vaccination, anticipating he would find all members to be fully vaccinated.

“I asked to see a paper version of their vaccination status and that’s when we found out that one of our members was not indeed vaccinated,” said Buckingham.

Wilson was pictured wearing an “I got my COVID-19 vaccine” sticker, which was handed out by the Saskatchewan Health Authority after first doses, in the Legislative Assembly on May 14.  

Saskatchewan Rivers MLA Nadine Wilson was pictured wearing a first dose COVID-19 vaccination sticker in the Legislative Assembly on May 14. (Source: Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly Video Archives)

When asked how he feels about Wilson wearing the sticker when she wasn’t vaccinated, Moe said the MLAs wore the stickers as a caucus with the understanding all MLAs were fully vaccinated or in the process of getting their second shot.

A news release from Sask. Party Caucus said all remaining Sask. Party MLAs are fully vaccinated.

In a statement to media, Wilson said she can “no longer support the direction of the Saskatchewan Party government or follow the government with true conviction regarding the current health situation.”

“I have taken time to listen to the people in my riding and reflect on my role as an elected official and citizen…I believe in the fundamental values of freedom of personal choice, voluntary informed consent, without the element of duress or coercion,” she wrote.

Wilson was the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and has served as the MLA for Saskatchewan Rivers, a rural riding north of Prince Albert, since 2007. She will now sit as an independent MLA.