Sask. ref continues to honour hockey legacy of his late father

Luke McGeough, a Saskatchewan-based hockey referee, continues to honour his late father’s legacy by wearing his NHL ref jersey at local games.

Mick McGeough, a renowned NHL referee, passed away in 2018.

“Shortly after my dad passed away it just kind of dawned on me you know I would like to wear one of his jerseys for a game," McGeough said.

It is a tradition now for Luke, who has honoured his father every year since he passed away.

“Although he was my dad, he was more of my best friend we would watch horse racing and NFL and argue about players and sports,” McGeough said.

He first wore the jersey reffing an AAA game in Regina, but more recently wore it at the SJHL level.

The McGeough name is well respected in hockey circles, especially in Saskatchewan. Mick got his start in the SJHL in 1979 before moving on to the NHL. He officiated more than 1,000 games between 1987 and 2008.

“He is really well known in the community, he cut his teeth here in these towns Yorkton, Weyburn, Estevan,” McGeough said. “This is where he learned to officiate.”

Like father, like son, Luke proudly continues his dad’s legacy whenever he steps on the ice.

"I know he is watching me every time I ref, there is not a game that goes by that during the national anthem I look up and I know he’s there somewhere

McGeough chooses a different game every year to carry on the tradition. He's had some exciting games at the Gallagher Centre this season, making it a meaningful place to don his dad's stripes. But no matter where he goes, he remembers to apply his dad's advice.

"Honestly effort,” McGeough said. “Us McGeough’s might not have been blessed with the most talent in everything we did but he always told me you never know who is watching, [so] do every game like its your last."