Sask. woman plunges into 51 lakes to celebrate her 51st birthday

(Courtesy Lara Guerrero)

Lara Guerrero recently racked up 9000 kilometres of travel throughout Saskatchewan so she could mark her birthday in a unique way.

“This summer I turned 51 so I decided to swim in 51 lakes,” Guerrero told CTV News.

Guerrero visited her fair share of Saskatchewan lakes previously also which kick-started the concept.

“My record in Saskatchewan was 33 but I did 51 individual lakes this summer alone so 84 in total,” she says.

Guerrero’s partner, Robert Schuemann is the driver on most of the trips. He moved here from Germany seven years ago and is fascinated by the space compared to where he’s from.

“Saskatchewan is three times the size of Germany. We have 80 million people compared to 1 million here. So, it’s pretty empty here, but it’s nice. I like it. I like to be in nature,” Schuemann said.

This year alone they’ve covered a lot of ground from Meadow Lake, to Anglin, to Christopher Lake to Lac La Ronge to Jackfish and down to Cypress Hills. Some of their favorites include Zeden Lake in Narrow Hills Provincial Park and Diefenbaker Lake.

“They have clear water and a sandy bottom and are nice to swim in,” Schuemann says.

Devil Lake is another one of the hidden gems that tops their list along with Anglin Lake, their choice for camping too. Other honourable mentions on their list include Shannon Lake, Candle Lake, Summit Lake, Lovering Lakes, Lac des Isles and Sandy Lake.

The pair usually stays in a tent on their adventures, and they also take a kayak to fully experience the lakes.

Their travel plans don’t end this year because they hope to continue to see more of Saskatchewan’s waterways and even have a lake in Argentina on their list as well as one in Russia.

Guerrero posts her photos on her social media pages and blogs about her experiences.