Saskatoon conservation group says tree planting represents hope for Ukraine

The SOS Trees Coalition planted three highbush cranberry shrubs in Saskatoon on May 19, 2022. (Tyler Barrow/CTV Saskatoon)

The SOS Trees Coalition planted three highbush cranberry shrubs, which are also planted in Ukraine, at the Ukrainian Museum of Canada in Saskatoon on Thursday.

“The cranberry bush or the Kalina is represented in song, in prayer in art. It’s just something that the Ukrainian people hold very near and dear and it’s very representative,” said past board member of the museum, Carol Cisecki.

The planting marked the start of Arbor Week, which runs May 21-29. Arbor Day was founded by American journalist and politician J. Sterling Morton in 1872 to promote conservation and correct the gradual deforestation of the prairie.

The week is meant to teach people about the benefits of planting trees and how to plant them.

The coalition says trees represent hope, peace and life which it says the Ukrainian community needs right now.