Saskatoon city councillors spent $9,000 more in travel expenses last year than what the city budgeted.

Collectively, the 10 councillors have $24,000 to spend but last year spent just over $33,000.

A new report breaks down what and where each councillor spent money to travel. Leading the list was veteran councillor Darren Hill. He spent $13,500 on travel last year. He went to seven conferences across Canada and the U.S.

Hill is on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and he is the third vice president, which requires him to attend several functions a year. Hill spent more than $4,000 during two trips in Baltimore and Quebec City.

Coun. Sarina Gersher spent $3,200 while Coun. Hilary Gough spent $3,400.

Lowest on the list were Coun. Randy Donauer, who spent $200, and Coun. Cynthia Block, who spent nothing on travel.

Council is expected to take a look at these expenses next week.