(Courtesy David and Danielle Sherin)

A dog whose wheelchair was stolen has died, shortly after a replacement arrived, her Saskatoon owners say.

Bo, a 10-year-old boxer with paralyzed hind legs, died suddenly Sunday morning at home.

“We are heartbroken,” Danielle Sherin told CTV News.

The news comes shortly after a British Columbia company shipped a free replacement wheelchair to Saskatoon.

The wheelchair arrived Friday by overnight shipping and Bo went for two walks with it before she died.

“We thought we’d have more time to make use of the replacement wheelchair,” Sherin said.

Handicapped Pets Canada heard about the stolen device through CTV News and reached out to the Sherins to arrange a new wheelchair be sent.

The couple has been overwhelmed by the support which has come in the way of messages both online and in person and are thankful for the generosity of the wheelchair company.

“They don’t even know what kind of dog Boson was, but even without knowing the dog, they had that kindness for us so that’s really touching,” David Sherin said.

He also says Bo will be remembered for her gentleness and how she was friendly to everyone she met. They say she often had a smile on her face.

The Sherins say their pet’s crucial wheelchair was stolen from their front porch in the Varsity View neighbourhood. It let Bo continue to get outside and go for regular walks and keep her spirits up.

Bo gradually lost use of her hind legs two years ago and relied on a specialized wheelchair to get around.