(Chad Leroux/CTV News)

The Hot Wheels track at the Decay house has been up for almost a year, but it wasn’t until recently when friends and family began joining in on the fun and bet on the races.

When Shaun Decay posted the track to social media, people began commenting and asking if they could light-heartedly bet on the race, which happens between two hot wheel cars on the track which is set up on a flight of stairs and into a bedroom. 

The track is 50-feet-long in each lane, with all sorts of decorations and obstacles designed by nine-year-old

“I just posted it to Instagram, one of her tracks and a bunch of friends started asking if they could place bets," said Shaun.

According to the Decays the best consist mostly of candy wagers, but some of Shaun’s buddies have joined in on the fun.

“There’s the odd, some of dad's friends that started betting pizza, cases of beer, and bottles of wine,” said Shaun. 

When they began the racing in the spring they said it would take days sometimes to gather enough people together online, but now things are moving a lot quicker. 

“The first ones in the spring got pretty but it would take us days to get enough racers. This last one filled up in two hours.” Shaun said.

Ivy said she has had fun with all the bets and has been adding to the track to make it bigger and better for each upcoming race.

Ivy said that she has been picking the cars carefully, making sure that there are no un-happy betters if a car goes off the tracks. 

“Some of them, they just didn’t make the loop because their wheels didn’t touch it,” Ivy said.

Shaun said they have started to waitlist people who want to participate as more people are wanting to join in on the races.