(Chad Leroux/CTV News)

As 2021 rolled around some people took the opportunity to make a promise to themselves, and gyms like Orange Theory in Saskatoon usually see a spike in January of people signing up after making these New Years resolutions.

Orange Theory sales associate Mike Ramsay said that in a typical year the first few months usually bring in a group of people looking to work on themselves in the new year.

“It kind of picks up a lot, especially in January, February as well, it really starts to get busy. I guess people want to start the year off fresh,” Said Ramsay.

Ramsay said that he believes a lot of resolutions may have been broken in 2020, so he is looking to see more people sign up in the coming weeks.

“A lot of people didn’t really do what they wanted to do last year, and this will be the year that they make up for it, starting their resolutions off quickly,” Ramsay told CTV.

With a COVID-19 vaccine now in the province and with an optimistic attitude, Ramsay said he is looking forward to 2021 being a good year for gym-goers.

“With more good news I think more people would be more willing and able to do more stuff, for sure,” said Ramsay.

Brandon Debert has been going to Orange Theory for about a year now and said that he is trying to keep his goals this year achievable.

“I usually set myself up for failure usually, I set so many goals for myself that sometimes they’re really unattainable,” said Debert. “This year I have an overall goal of health, more sleep. I’m not really setting a goal so I work myself down, so this way I can work on it as I go.”

Debert said he wasn’t sure if he would see a spike in new gym-buddies come the New Year due to concerns about the pandemic, but he is trying to keep his hopes high for 2021 while he works at staying healthy.