An 18-year-old Saskatoon man represents Saskatchewan in a nation video to promote Canadian Down Syndrome Awareness Week.

Noah Bell says he felt happy to be chosen to sing O Canada for the national awareness week and the project was a lot of fun.

“In a time like this where everyone is so isolated and we can’t see everyone, it brings everyone together across Canada. It shows their skills and abilities and gives them a time shine,” said Noah’s mom, Alison Bell.

Bell sings with his grandfather David Fischl in the video. Their voices were included with others in the compilation to unite the country during the pandemic and celebrate people with Down Syndrome and their families, says Fischl.

“We didn't realize until after he was born what blessing he was. And the things that he can do. We find it's not the things he can't do but the things he can. He has so much ability,” said Fischl.

Fischl has served as national board member for the Canadian Down Syndrome Society. He said the duo taped the video on a cell phone on sang it in a scenic location on the North Saskatchewan riverbank in Prince Albert.

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society website says the awareness week celebrates people with Down Syndrome and teaches others to recognize their abilities.

People can view the video on YouTube and are encouraged to share it with the hashtag #SeeTheAbility to show support for those with Down Syndrome.