Saskatoon mosquito numbers plunge due to scorching summer weather trend

A mosquito explores a leaf in this file photo. (Egor Kamelev / Pexels)

Saskatoon’s hot and dry conditions are impacting the mosquito population.

Sydney Worthy, an entomologist with the City of Saskatoon, says during the heatwave, numbers were “drastically lower” than the 10-year average.

While mosquitoes like the heat, Worthy says without the moisture, breeding numbers have fallen off.

“The hot, dry conditions we've had the last few months, it’s reducing a lot of the standing water — and that's good breeding habitat for mosquitoes. So we're seeing lower numbers, mostly due to that,” she told CTV News.

But in southeastern Saskatchewan, numbers are up, according to the province.

Mid-July marks the time of year when Culex pipiens, a mosquito species capable of carrying the West Nile virus, come out.

The province says all tests have come back negative.