Saskatoon police hand out $2,268 in fines to a pair of drivers


Saskatoon police nabbed a pair of drivers speeding along the city’s east edge Saturday night.

In a tweet posted Sunday, the Saskatoon Police Service’s Traffic Unit said on July 17 officers handed out $2,268 in fines to two drivers, plus weeklong vehicle impoundments for each.

The first driver, a 19-year-old, was clocked driving 176 km/h in a 90 km/h zone at Highway 16 and Zimmerman Road. The driver was slapped with a $1,235 tickets and a seven-day vehicle impound.

A short time later a 25-year-old was clocked at 161 km/h in the same area. Police handed the driver a $1,033 and a seven-day impound.


On Saturday night, a 19-year old was charged with driving at a speed of 176 km/h in the 90 zone at Hwy 16 & Zimmerman Rd. Fine = $1235 + a 7-day vehicle impound.

A short time later, a 25-year old was stopped at 161 km/h in the same area. Fine = $1033 + 7 - day impound.

— SPS Traffic Unit (@SPSTraffic) July 18, 2021