Lorass Recycling in Saskatoon says its seeing thousands of improperly disposed of gloves and masks.

Lorass Recycle has seen a major increase in the number of masks and gloves that have come through their facility.

According to Dale Schmidt, Recycle Manager at Lorass, the organization is receiving around 8,100 gloves and masks a month.

“We did an audit,” said Schmidt. “We stood on the line for 2 hours and counted individual masks and gloves that came in and then we multiplied that by the amount of time that we run and we averaged 8,100 a month.”

The large part of how the number came about was a result of mishandled disposal.

“Quite a bit, when you think about it,” said Schmidt. “People should be putting them in their garbage not in their recycle bin.”

Schmidt hopes to see a drop in the numbers but doesn’t find it a likely scenario.

"I would hope that the numbers would drop,” said Schmidt. “If things continue the way they are with COVID and restrictions out there, and possible laws making maybe coming in about mandatory masks, we'll probably end up seeing more."