Saskatoon residents reflect on what they’re thankful for


Turkey, pie or just simply gathering with friends can be the best part of Thanksgiving but for some it offers a time to reflect.

CTV News caught up with a few people to hear what they’re thankful for.

"I’m very thankful for our healthcare system, for our vaccines and I was able to get a third booster shot," said Margaret Lessel.

"Thankful to have been able to of seen friends and family and I’m always thankful for my loving supporting wife," said Jeremy Church.

For healthcare worker Danielle Gaudet she said the last year has been hard, but she's proud of how her colleagues have stuck with the job during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I’m thankful for the health of my own family and all of the good care that all of my coworkers have been providing for the past year," Gaudet said.

As CTV News searched for people to speak with a few kids waved at our car passing by. After pulling over to speak with them, they were eager to share that they had just found a free piano, and what they are thankful for.

"I’m really thankful for the piano we found on the side of the street," said Michael Hrycay. "I’m thankful to be in high school, to experience a bunch of new people, meet new people, and have new friends."

"I personally am thankful for all my friends and family being in good health and I get opportunities with sports and stuff opening up," said Max Farrell.

This time last year the WHL was suspended with no clear sight of what the season would look like. This fall the Saskatoon Blades currently sit tied for third place in the East Division and welcomes the Brandon Wheat Kings to SaskTel Centre on Wednesday.

"First and foremost we're just really thrilled at the opportunity to have fans back in attendance and be playing the game that we all love,” said Saskatoon Blades Communications Manager, Mitch Bach.

Last year Thanksgiving had indoor gatherings limited to 30 people, this year there are no restrictions in place. City councillors and Mayor Charlie Clarke are grateful for all the hard work frontline workers are putting in.

"I just, in the last week, lost a dear friend of mine and was with him and his family in the hospital system with the healthcare workers," said Mayor Charlie Clark. "I have been so in awe of the healthcare workers and the care providers for all the support that they have been providing people, especially right now."

"I’m thankful for all the frontline workers," said Ward 3 City Councillor David Kirton. "I was thinking about them and all the hours that they are working and the sacrifices that they're making and in many cases the abuse that they're receiving."

"I'm thankful for family and friends, they have helped me through so much this past year," said Ward 1 City Councillor Darren Hill. "I'm thankful for the frontline workers who every day make a commitment to serve the community."