An entry mat like this was stolen from Wendel Clark’s Classic Grill and Bar in Saskatoon. (Chad Leroux/CTV News)

Wendel Clark’s Classic Grill and Bar had an unusual theft occur earlier this month, when a logoed entry mat was stolen.

It took some time to realize it had been taken. At first staff thought their cleaning company may have simply forgotten about it. After reviewing security footage, they found out what really happened.

“The girl walks into the back for a second, and thirty seconds later they walked out with the mat.” Owner Gary Baba said.

After their investigative work was done, they posted to Facebook, hoping a few shares could bring their matt home.

“On Facebook we were nice, saying ‘all we want is the mat back, with no questioned asked’ and suddenly it took on a life of its own.”

The post was shared over 1,500 times

The alleged mat-thieves contacted the restaurant after the post took off. The mat is now on its way back from more than 630 kilometres away in Alberta, according to an update by the restaurant.

“It should be here by Tuesday were thinking, were hoping.” Baba said. “They have contacted us and they have shipped it, but we have no idea what kind of state it’s in.”

It will be a happy ending for the restaurant, getting their stolen-property back, and getting to tell the mystery of the missing mat.