Saugeen First Nation begins stricter lockdown, State of Emergency declared

The COVID-19 outbreak in the Saugeen First Nation has risen to 74 cases with 71 of those cases being unvaccinated individuals.

A State of Emergency has been declared for the First Nation as the numbers continue to climb.

Band council decided to close band services and businesses for a two-week period and a full closure of all Saugeen first nation services and businesses will begin Friday at noon.

The Chief and Band Council will re-assess on July 15 and determine if the closure of Saugeen First Nation services and businesses will be lifted or if it will be extended.

Residents are asked to stay at home for the two week closure and to avoid any gatherings.

Facilities are being made available for those without a permanent residence.

The Grey Bruce Heath Unit has been invited in to work in collaboration with the Saugeen First Nation COVID Crisis Team and community health services.

They will be using a multipronged approach of supporting the community health team with staff to conduct COVID-19 testing, case and contact management, providing information and education on isolation to cases and contacts, supporting with IPAC – Infection Prevention and Control, supporting vaccine clinics and mass vaccination, and providing information on vaccine safety and effectiveness.

Out of the 74 cases, four are in hospital.