Sault Area Hospital getting new MRI

Sault Area Hospital is in the process of replacing a key piece of equipment.

With the hospital’s MRI machine nearing the end of its life cycle, a new one has been ordered and officials have a plan in place to accommodate patients while the old machine is decommissioned and the new one installed.

Officials said the average lifespan of an MRI is around 10 years, and the existing machine is getting close to that age.

Franci Rogers, manager of diagnostic imaging, said her department sees about 30 patients per day in need of an MRI. Sault Area Hospital is the only place between Thunder Bay and Sudbury that has an MRI.

The hospital’s existing MRI will be decommissioned May 15, with the new one being installed shortly after.

In the meantime, the hospital will utilize a portable MRI unit until the new machine is ready to receive patients.