Sault Community Career Centre hosts newcomer vaccination clinic

Sault Ste. Marie's Community Career Centre isn't usually in the business of public health, but it made an exception Thursday with a popup vaccination clinic.

The clinic worked the same as any typical walk-up clinic, with the exception of being geared toward new immigrants to the Sault.

"We felt that there was a good opportunity here to support some of our newcomers and to also help (Algoma Public Health) in getting the vaccine out there to everyone in the Sault," said executive director Adam Pinder.

Pinder said its newcomer staff was on hand to help with language-related barriers. The centre also provided shuttle services for those without transportation.

Saira Anjum, the centre's manager of newcomer services, said not knowing the language can make the simple task of booking a vaccine appointment almost impossible.

"Speaking about newcomers, simple things like getting a vaccination can overwhelming, especially when you don't speak the language," Anjum said. "So coming here, it's kind of convenient for them to come get their vaccine at the Sault community career centre, with the familiar faces."

The Community Career Centre said it would consider hosting another newcomer clinic, should the need arise.