Schools shift to remote learning amid flooding in Minnedosa

Two schools in Minnedosa will be shifting to remote learning this week as flooding has made the schools inaccessible for students and parents.

Jason Cline, the superintendent of the Rolling River School Division, confirmed students at Tanner's Crossing School and Minnedosa Collegiate will be learning from home likely for the next two weeks.

"The schools are inaccessible to students and parents due to the overland flooding," Cline told CTV News in an email, saying the decision was made in consultation with the town officials as water levels are expected to remain the same for the next 10 to 14 days.

"If the flood situation or access improves, and it is determined safe to do so, schools will return to in-person learning earlier."

In a community update Monday, the Minnedosa's emergency measures committee said even though the river has crested, the high levels are expected to continue for several days. The town said volunteers are also needed to help with the sand bagging efforts.

It's one of the worst floods Murray Dagg has seen in the nearly 10 years he's lived in Minnedosa.

"Other than that exceptional rainfall in 2020, this is the first time I've seen a flood this bad," said Dagg, whose two grandchildren attend the schools in Minnedosa.

Dagg said sandbags surround businesses as water has flooded some streets in the community. Cline told CTV News the water, which is currently surrounding the two schools, continued to rise Sunday night and throughout the day Monday.

He said teachers will be teaching from home in the coming days. In a notice to parents, the division said school staff would be shuttled into the schools Monday and Tuesday to prepare materials for their students.