Search for Toronto man's remains in southwestern Ont. landfill begins next Monday

The search for a Toronto man's remains in a landfill near London, Ont. is set to begin next Monday.

It has been five months since Nathanial Brettell, 57, of Toronto was presumed murdered.

Brettell’s body has yet to be found, but last week police in Toronto confirmed they will begin searching the Green Lane Landfill in Southwold near London.

Brettell went missing in January from his residence in Etobicoke.

A pair of officers looking for him on Feb. 2, were attacked by a man with a butcher knife, that man has been charged in relation to the attack but so far no charges have been laid in Brettell’s disappearance and death.

During their investigation, officers found blood in Brettell’s apartment and concluded that he had been killed.

Police say they have reason to believe his body may be at the landfill in Southwold, Ont.

However, the search is not expected to be easy having been months since his disappearance along with 50 truckloads of trash coming to the landfill each day.

The search is expected to take months and will include multiple units, including the homicide and K9 units from Toronto police.

While the warrant is valid starting July 5, Toronto police say they don't expect to begin searching until July 12.

- With files from CTV News Toronto's Jon Woodward