Second witness places accused near 2018 murder scene in Windsor


The first degree murder trial of Jitesh Bhogal, 31, continued in Superior Court Friday with evidence from Jake Thompson.

Bhogal is charged in the death of Autumn Taggart, 31, killed in 2018.

Thompson told the jury on June 9, 2018, he was downtown panhandling for change when he saw “a man” asking for narcotics.

Thompson says he told the man he could find cocaine for him but admitted to the jury, “my intentions was I was gonna burn him for his money.”

Thompson testified he directed “the man” to the building where he was squatting with his girlfriend, Michelle Altiman.

The building is directly beside Taggart’s.

He told the jury the man never identified himself as Jitesh Bhogal, but described him as a clean cut, professional looking man who spoke with an accent.

Thompson testified he sold the man “fake drugs” which was actually a small bag of old flour he found in the apartment.

Thompson says the man came back and asked for more drugs, so Thompson says he asked Altiman to call her dealer.

Thompson, Altiman and the man all went together to get money and then to buy the cocaine from a nearby restaurant.

Thompson told the jury they parked in the lot right behind Taggart’s apartment, and Altiman made five lines of cocaine on the console of the man’s vehicle.

After doing a line of cocaine with the man, Thompson says he and Altiman took off with the rest of the drugs.

Thompson admitted on the stand he was drunk that entire evening and he and Altiman consumed what was left of the man’s cocaine.

He told the jury he woke up several hours later and noticed the man’s vehicle was still parked behind Taggart’s building.

Cross examination of Thompson will continue Monday beginning at noon.