Karen Lee, with the Mill Woods Seniors Association, holds up some of the 100 toques that were knitted and donated by members.

The knitters at the Mill Woods Seniors Association have been busily making toques for the less fortunate. 

This is the fifth consecutive year they’ve created warm clothing like toques, scarves, and gloves.  

In 2019, the group made more than 1000 items to donate.

This year, however, has been a little more difficult as many seniors have been forced to stay home and are not able to meet up with their usual group.

But that hasn't stopped them from knitting, no matter where they were.

“I think it's really important for our knitters because they're seniors They want to find a purpose and they want to give back and they want to be really connected with the community, even though they're staying home,” explained Karen Lee, the centre's communications and fun development coordinator. 

Monday afternoon, a donation of 100 toques went to the Operation Friendship Senior Society and Dickinsfield Amity House. 

The organizers of the knitting group say there is still a lot more warm clothing to come.