Regional officials say they have handed out seven more tickets under the Reopening Ontario Act, all for private gatherings.

Speaking at the region's COVID-19 briefing on Friday, Regional Chair Karen Redman said four of the charges were laid between Jan. 28 and Feb. 3. Three others were from the previous week, but weren't included in last week's totals.

There were three tickets issued by City of Waterloo bylaw for gatherings at three separate residences, one by City of Kitchener bylaw for a gathering and three by Cambridge bylaw officers for three gatherings. Each ticket was for $880.

Redman also talked about the provincial inspection blitz that visited Waterloo Region last weekend. Provincial and local officials visited 143 businesses and found a 55 per cent compliance rate. Of the businesses visited, 65 had infractions. There were a total of 19 tickets issued.