'It was scary': severe thunderstorm wreaks havoc in southwestern Ontario

A short but powerful thunderstorm that came through Southwestern Ontario Saturday, killing at least one person and injuring others.

OPP are reporting one person is deceased, and two others were injured when a tree fell on a camping trailer at Pinehurst Lake in Brant County.

At Cobble Hills Golf Club in Thamesford, Ont. three people suffered minor injuries when a tree fell onto a golf cart by the ninth tee.

Doug Breen, vice president of Golf North — which owns Cobble Hills — told CTV News that 9-1-1 was called after a man was trapped underneath a downed tree.

"A number of golfers frantically ran into the clubhouse to notify staff,” says Breen.

“The brave people ran back out into the storm to rescue him from underneath the tree. They managed to lift it enough to get him free."

In Old East Village (OEV) in London, Ont. there was major damage within a two-block radius.

"The wind was the most intense thing I've ever felt in my entire life," says Adam Steadman, a resident of OEV.

"It was just it was the power. The power was just incredible."

Downed trees and power lines had blocked Lorne Ave, and Princess Ave. as well as Ontario St.

Clay Fournier was taking photos of his car for insurance purposes after it was crushed by a tree.

"I was in the washroom getting ready to take off, heard some bangs and came checked it out and tree just came right out of the ground," says Fournier.

Just a few meters away around the corner on Ontario St. a tree had been ripped from the ground, breaking the sidewalk and landed on a home.

The man renting the house was too shaken to appear on camera for CTV News but did say he was in the front room of the home, just a few feet away from where the tree hit.

"My cats were going crazy, and if it was a few feet to the left, I could have been really hurt," he said.

On Princess Ave, Cherie Renders was home, when a tree broke off and landed on her roof.

"It was scary," says Renders.

"It just started raining so I let the dogs in. I went to the front of the house and there's just trees on the whole side of my house.

So I called my husband and then he came from work and told me that it was on top of the roof and then there's a hole."

When her husband Steve returned, he noticed the tree had punctured the roof.

"There is three-by-three holes there roughly and they took off a couple of heat vents too," says Steve.

"It's hard to put my thoughts together now but honestly, I'm thankful to see friends and family out here to help out so that’s the encouraging part."

Across the city at the London International Airport, a plane owned by Diamond Aircraft Flight Centre was toppled over.

Stop lights were all over the city, as CTV News noticed power outages from Dundas and Adelaide, all the way near Dundas and Veterans Memorial.

Back in OEV, the cleanup was just getting underway.

"Everybody thinks that it can’t happen to you," says Steadman.

"With climate change, this is the new reality. It's intense, and you just have to be prepared."

A total of five fatalities have so far been reported as a result of the storm.

Sad news to deliver! 1 person is deceased and 2 others were injured after a tree fell on a camping trailer at @PinehurstLake. #OPP continuing to investigate and updates will be provided when new information becomes available. @BrantCommunity @grandriverca #BrantOPP ^es pic.twitter.com/OkpAkRW4se

— OPP West Region (@OPP_WR) May 21, 2022