A new $6 million permanent, semi-outdoor performance space is “a real game changer” for Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, artistic director Will Brooks says.

Former temporary sites had to be rebuilt every year, so they couldn’t adequately adjust the site for the public presence.

The new facility It includes a fan and roof coverings to deal with the elements that come with outside theatre.

The entrance way is also positioned to make actors emerge with more surprise during performances.

The group unveiled its new space on Tuesday.

The new area includes a new lighting system, a box office location, upgraded actor facilities and a new pathway with glow in the dark stones.

It also has new washrooms and a contemplation circle for sharing stories or quiet reflection.

Brooks said he’s thrilled with the new space.

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan will get back to performing next summer, he said.

The location will be open to the public on Sept. 14.